Review at the Beginning of the Year?

Teachers and students are excited and afraid at the approach of a new school year, especially with a new level and new teacher for language instruction. What if I can’t reach them? What if I don’t remember everything from last year?

Just as we have turned our lessons upside down with backward design, authentic resources, infographics and reading as a starting point, we need to turn the idea of review upside down.
-Greetings, age and activities: 1st conversation (level varies quantity and quality)
Picture story [text + illustrated words]: Pick out cognates, ask simple questions
-Picture of current events [Tour de France, World Cup, Vacations]
Song […]

These are samples for day 1 or week 1. So the students won’t remember everything and might be nervous – especially if they prefer the concrete review that a ‘packet’ or ‘chapter’ might imply.

But here’s the trick: ASK them what they remembered and need help remembering.

Don’t plan a review that might not be needed or might put them (and you) to sleep.


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