Reflections from EdmodoCon

35 million Edmodo users worldwide!

Snapshot feature for formative assessment; adding Va SOLs soon. Questions preprepared and then next group of Q comes up based on students prior performance.

Get Edmodo App for Android and new app for Iphone Includes creating, viewing polls in very near future

Edmodo avatars

Will continue to be free for teachers, students, districts but can upgrade to premium for snapshot, see reference above

Edmodo apps in apps store

Edmodo connect directly links to apps so yet another password is not required

Testpolicy or Classpolicy from Microsoft to lock down computers to keep from opening other browsers

@nathangarvin middle school teacher in Texas

top 3 apps from him: Edmodo googledrive

writing/reading revising editing

Garvin Cup-lasts 4-6 weeks teams of 5 w/ name 3-4 competitions w/leader board-all teams get pts. 2-12 per content evaluations ; last year Writing Olympics; did whole 7th grade 73 teams; did medals (5 rather than 3) ; kept counts on google doc; and then ninja board for individual competition during diff 9 weeks; move up chart w/ achievements, can use badges from Edmodo as well; to move up as they revise

Prompt: do on google doc ; some class time ea. week; make list of common mistakes on a google doc; see most recent version; schedule live google doc appointments via google calendar; use badges labeled by skill [intro, thesis, support, grammar, punctuation, conclusion] Can be earned in any order; can be taken away

Me: Brainstorm language badges: communication of idea, accurate vocabulary, sva, rich description, accurate aa
Just added and planning to use in coming year.
Use local pics to add intro questions to begin lesson. Remember during exchange visits and Local Colors. Voicethread w local pics as well.

Add ā€˜famous studentsā€™ to your class for students to communicate w/. I.e. Marie Curie

Students find one image that represents topic of study; post and and explain link.

Language teachers might like to know about a community on G+ that coordinate Language hangouts,, your class can get your language hangout posted and you can talk with Native Speakers & Classrooms around the World

@PowToon Cartoon App No Red Inkā€¦ 2 to check out Watch for prompts for writing or discussion or creative response, but be sure to preview

Educreations (for iPad) and SKitch evernote/skitch for drawing annotating w/ arrows and then students speak story. Used 3rd grade to teach younger grade levels


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