Authentic Resources in French, By Theme

A sample of listening and reading of authentic resources to use in various ways in a French class.

1.   Introduce a new theme or location

2. Recognize words or phrases. Use similar words/phrases to discuss.

3. Complete a task, samples below.

4. Notice the time frame used. Repeat in a similar way. 

France by regions

 la Bretagne-  Would you want to travel to Bretagne? What would you do?      Which musician from Bretagne do you prefer and why? la Camargue-camping, wild animals narration in French by park ranger with French subtitles 

food  La Maille mustard preferences, shopping   Eating insects   AP World Challenges: hunger   Parisian café, historical, choose two items for breakfast, lunch or dinner, desserts, drinks

shopping school supplies You have 50euros to buy school supplies and 100 to buy a special gift for someone else. List, convert prices, describe what you are buying/bought and why.

Francophone Africa  Travel journals. A teddy bear travels with his French mom and dad and meets cultures and peoples around Africa.

Example: Complete your own travel journal. Or- Use travel journals as a basis for choosing a Francophone country to research; then go to and find interesting points as a basis to begin a presentation to the class on interesting points of culture.





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